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Austral Quarter

Austral Quarter


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  • bedroom icon2225 sq meter
Forthcoming Projects | Property Id: 4287

The group have acquired 4 properties at 400-412 Bringelly Road and 180 Fifth Avenue, Austral NSW which will be developed as a Mixed-Use project. The total area of the 4 properties is 5.49 Ha. The development will be known as Austral Quarter.

The land is currently zoned B5 – Bulky Goods. However, because of the stellar growth within the South West Growth Precinct over the past 5 years, the NSW Department of Planning has decided to review the current zonings of land within an 800m radius of Leppington Train Station. Our development is approximately 500m to the north of the train station. Bringelly Road has recently been reconstructed into a major roadway of 4 lanes. Planning reports show a projected peak hour traffic on Bringelly Road of over 2,000 vehicles per hour.

Consequently, we have begun the process of rezoning the land to B4 – Mixed Use. Architects, planners, traffic consultants and engineers were appointed to prepare a submission to council to support the rezoning. This submission was presented to council in February 2018. Council advised at the meeting that they supported the proposal and that they had sent our submission to the NSW Department of Planning for consideration during
the rezoning process being undertaken by the Department. It is expected that the rezoning will be completed by the end of 2018.

The development has a comprehensive list of uses proposed which includes hotel, offices, apartments, townhouses, fast food, service station, car wash, child care centre, restaurants, shopping etc. The Concept Master Plan for the development is shown below for reviewing by potential financial organisations.

Current trends point towards vibrant mixed-use centres as a way to create vibrant, active places which people love. Previously, land use planning has sought to separate and segment uses into single-use zones, to prevent adverse effects to amenity, however future preferences indicate that incorporating elements of different zones and uses actually creates a more attractive place to be.

Mixed-use, walkable urban village development allows people to be located closer to facilities, amenities and everyday needs, without having to drive long distances to access them. This results in an activated, walkable place, with attractive high-quality public spaces creating an attractive amenity for future business (work), residents (live) and visitors (play).

Austral Quarter Design Concept -- Bringelly Road

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